Backups, Security, & Uptime

Different sites require different monitoring. And has packages for all levels.

All plans use UpdraftPlus to backup your file to our Dropbox Pro account. All backups include files, themes, plugins, uploads, and database.

Plan 1

$45 / month

This package is good for frequently updated websites

  • Daily backups
  • Enhanced site security
    • Malware and Brute force attack prevention
    • various security alertings
    • hiding admin login URL
    • weekly database scanning
  • Two independent uptime monitoring services

Plan 2

$25 / month

For less frequently updated websites

  • Weekly backups
  • Site security
    • Malware and Brute force attack prvention
    • various security alertings
  • One independent uptime monitoring service

Plan 3


If your website is updated very infrequently, then the Free Backups plan may be ideal for you.

  • Monthly backups


All plans available for discount bundling.

There are no substitutions, etc.

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