Old Bobs

Old Bob’s is a unique outdoor specialty store in central Indiana. They carry a large variety of products – all high quality and competitively priced. Old Bobs is proud to have the largest selection of Wild Bird Supplies in Indiana! They also offer a variety of Cottages and Storage buildings, Custom Picture Framing,  Wallpaper Store, and so much more!


Serenity Place

Serenity Place is a transitional recovery house for men. They men housed here are directly from a twenty-eight day recovery facility. The men are assigned house chores and are expected to actively seek employment. Serenity Place recently constructed a new building with increased capacity and resources.


El Coqui

El Coqui serves authentic Mexican and Puerto Rican cuisine. They can be found just south of Dover Air Force Base along Bay road. Their menu includes classic enchiladas, empanadas, and burritos and even vegetarian platters. Its a great stop on your way to the beach!



Deep Water Church

Deep Water Church is a new church, in Dover DE, helping people connect with God and others in order to become the people God created them to be. We want to build relationships…we want to be a church that engages the surrounding community and connects with each other throughout the week.

Our vision is to be the church all week long—to be involved in God’s mission in the world. We want to see people who don’t have a clue who God is or who have wandered from the faith come into a loving community that embraces them where they learn to follow Jesus and become more like Him.

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Faith Community Church

FCC is a place where God is worshiped and the Gospel is preached, because God’s plan to save people out of their sin and redeem them to Himself is the only hope for people. Our purpose statement is: To the glory of God we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and disciple the saints to live for Him.


Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE

Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE

C4CJ a fast growing grass roots national organization organized to shed light on dysfunction in the war on drugs, mandatory minimums and habitual statutes, plea mania, sentencing disparity, the care of the mentally ill and aging prisoners, and senseless sex offender regulations. We support The Fatherhood Initiative, LEAP, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, End Mass Incarceration, and many similar groups. We engage extensively in community outreach, help inmates with reentry, and educate and advocate about problems/solutions with the entire criminal justice system. “Justice” itself has been arrested, jailed and abused by the system. We must aid its REENTRY!

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